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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Swamp Rats

Whenever I talk to people about rock n' roll and old punk and garage, or whatever other labels you can tack on, I mention the Swamp Rats. No one ever knows who they are, not even the music geeks. This band is so fucking good and they get no credit. They were making music in 1967 that could be released now and do just fine. They were way ahead of their time in my opinion.

I discovered these guys about a year ago or so while doing research on the Sonics. They were mentioned on a website as a similar artist so I decided to check them out. I was floored when I heard the first few songs - especially considering this was out in 1966, it's so punk. Since then I have been championing this band to everyone I know and most people love what they hear.

The Swamp Rats were a cover band, for the most part. But they added so much originality to the songs that they became theirs. Keep in mind most rock bands of this time period played LOTS of covers - it was expected of them. This version of Louie Louie is probably my favorite. This song has been played by every band in the world and it's usually annoying after 2 listens but this is great every time.

Check out the tracks and go buy this album, it's worth the money.

Louie Louie - Swamp Rats
Here, There, & Everywhere - Swamp Rats
She's Got Everything - Swamp Rats
I'm Going Home - Swamp Rats
It's Not Easy - Swamp Rats
Till The End Of The Day - Swamp Rats
Psycho - Swamp Rats


Anonymous said...

You've achieved the sublime-discovering an overlooked historal gem. These guys can rock as hard as the stooges did.

... said...

I agree totally, if this band wrote more songs they could have been right there with the Stooges and MC5.

Anonymous said...

Found this post while trying to get some more info on Swamp Rats, THANK YOU.

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