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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mooney Suzuki Shindig

It's finally time for another Shindig. One of the best parties in NYC returns with some pretty good bands. Wednesday night in a huge commercial space on Gansevoort you can see The Mooney Suzuki, Aberdeen City, The Go Station, and Young Lords for $15. Trust me, this thing is well worth the money. First of all The Mooney Suzuki are playing, that's worth $15 in itself. Secondly, there is a killer open bar - usually a couple of kegs plus bartenders serving mixed drinks all damn night.

If you miss this then you kinda suck, this is so worth showing up late for work the next day. This party gets better everytime so I expect big things. I will be there getting bombed and dancing to the sounds of Mooney Suzuki.

Warning: the bathroom is a filthy port-o-potty, so make sure you do your business before you get there.

Mooney Suzuki see previous post
In Combat - Aberdeen City
Wandering Away -The Go Station

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