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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Last night I made my way over to Scenic for another installment of Rated-X. Last time I went I wasn't feeling so hot and wasn't able to have as good a time as I should have. Yesterday I made sure I took my medicine (Sparks) before I went out. After braving the elements we arrived at Scenic right around 11PM - which, by chance, was when the open bar started.

Once we got in I immediately went downstairs because there are always less people down there. In timed open bar situations getting a good spot near a bartender is crucial. For the next hour we held our ground at the end of the bar sucking down Vodka tonics with reckless abandon. Once midnight hit I reluctantly dished out some cash for a beer. I ordered a PBR and ended up spending $8, that's right 8 beans for piss in a can. Obviously the girl fucked up or fucked me, either way I let it slide.

Now that I was free from my open bar master I roamed the floor to see the action. People were dancing everywhere you looked - which is always a good sign. Cutie was bothering people for pictures, which got fucked up because the camera shudder didn't open all the way. Nothing of note really went down for awhile - just the normal make-out party.

Around two the famous hot body contest started. Last week I left before this thing started and missed it. I heard it was total dude fest, which I was hoping would change this week. Not so much, only two girls entered this contest but that was ok because the winner was so hot. At least that's what my drunken eyes were telling me. It wasn't very crazy though, the closest to being rated-X was a topless three way make out session - which is more like R. The camera died so I have no pictures from the contest. I saw lots of pics being taken though so if you have any or know where some are posted hook me up.

After the contest I went upsatirs, did a little making out of my own and then went on my way around 3 or so. It was a fun night overall, my only complaint would be the lack of girlies in the contest and my camera fucking up all night.

Funny side note: An unnamed friend went home with this girl. They always see each other out and are nightly dance partners but nothing else, until last night. Apparently they did the deed and this morning, after she left, he gave me a call. After telling me what happened he said something like this, "Dude she does not look good in the morning. I was dry-heaving in the shower". This is a fucked up thing to say but nonetheless funny. I hope she's not reading this...

Rated-X @ Scenic:
"This solo fucking shreds"

**Update: Check comments for link to hot bod pictures

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