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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cream Abdul Babar

I was having a conversation today about bands that should be much more well known then they are and, as always, I went straight to CAB. Cream Abdul Babar are a noisy punk-metal-hardcore craziness blend that's very hard to describe in any musical terms. In addition to your typical hardcore/metal line-up they also have a trombone and a keyboard player. When they play live they usually have a sampler handy to play audio clips from movies between songs. The singer is a tiny little man, with the voice of a giant. Pay attention to the trombone because you'll never hear anyone else play one like this. Stylistically, you can compare them to Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge.

I discovered these guys in 1999 while I was living down in Tallahassee, FL. They were the band that opened for EVERY heavy or punk band that came through Tally. Believe it or not, some fairly big bands have come through town. These guys have played with damn near every important band in heavy music. To be honest with you they blew most of them off stage - literally.

CAB can't be fully appreciated unless you've seen them live. They are ferocious and the songs are incredible. Lots of mellow parts turn immediately into craziness. You can actually feel a wall of noise hit you when they burst into certain parts of songs - I'm serious. I've seen hundreds of bands over the years and these guys are in my top 5 for best live bands. One of the cool things about them is they don't take themselves seriously at all. They are goofy bastards and aren't afraid to act like maniacs on stage - and off, for that matter.

Shiss - Cream Abdul Babar

These MP3's aren't the best examples of CAB, but its all I could find online. If you want to check out an album by them try and get "Catalyst To Ruins" it is fucking amazing and, uncharacteristically, well recorded. CAB make it up to NYC on occasion so make sure you see them if they're around. In the meantime check out their website.

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