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Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Night Options

What to do? What to do? There are a few things going on tonight that might be pretty good. I'm not sure what I'm doinng - I might not go out at all. If I choose to though I'll probably end up at one of these events.

Trash @ Rififi
11th St. btwn 1st & 2nd

Tonight at Rififi they are having a screening of Live Freaky Die Freaky. It's a flick by Billie Joe Armstrong... or something - he's involved somehow. This should be good Trash seems to be picking up a little lately so expect a good time. Avoid the line by RSVPing

Sweat @ The Delancey
Delancey & Clinton
FREE (open Heineken bar 10-11)

I'm not really a fan of the Delancey, although the roof deck is amazing. The vibe at this joint is always kinda wierd - I can't figure it out. Nonetheless this sounds half decent, plus there's free booze - which I guess is expected at this point.
That's it for me - there is also a party at Lit which I hear will be good but I really hate that place. They will have free Sparks though so you never know. Buy me a beer if you see me.

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