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Friday, January 13, 2006

Thursday Evening Wining

On Wednesday I got an email from the nice people over at To my surprise I was asked to become a contributing writer for the site. For a drunk like myself there is no higher honor. Seriously - my favorite and most used website asked me to join them in destroying livers throughout NYC. How could I say no?
Well, I didn't say no - I said maybe. I'm pretty strapped for time so I wasn't sure if I could handle it. So yesterday after work I headed over to the MyOpenBar party at Summers bar on the LES for their wine tasting party. It started early and I had to take a cab to get there on time - I hate cabs. Once there I found my roommate and co., who were already hammered.

This place was a madhouse. I could not move at all once I got through the door. So I stayed fairly close to the wine table and kept drinking my shots (tiny cups) of wine. Due to my sedentary postion I couldn't find anyone from MyOpenBar. Nonetheless I sent an email over today saying I would do it whether I could manage or not. So stay tuned - you might see some of my stuff over there soon.
Back to the party: Once the wine ran out (around 7) so did I. After that it was over to Welcome To The Johnson's. What a cool little bar, I can't believe I've never been there. It reminds me of my Grandmom's house in Jersey. After about an hour of Johnson's I made my way across town to Don Hill's to see my friends band. That ended around 10:30 and I headed to Lit for the brand new NC-17 party.

As always I wasn't feeling it - Lit that is. I love the space there and I love the crowd but the management of that joint sucks. No one seems to ever know what's going on. I mean the bartender's don't know (or won't tell) the details of the open bar. I actually left right when the free booze started and my people showed up. I was pretty tired and needed my rest. So I have no idea if this party got good or not. From what I hear it was cool. The music was really good while I was there.

So that was the night - nothing special but I had a good time over all. I wish I got Spark'sed up before I went to Lit, maybe I could have hung in there.

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