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Monday, June 05, 2006

6/6/06 - National Slayer Day

Hey remember when you were 13 and you thought you were badass because you had 666 scribbled on your book cover. Well apparently when you're 45 it still applies... if you're Slayer. I was never a huge Slayer fan but I like a few albums and I respect what they've done over the years but come on - this is just plain stupid. Tomorrow (6/6/6) has been declared (by Slayer) National Slayer Day.

To commemorate the occasion Slayer is releasing a limited edition t-shirt (only 666) for the price of $16.66. Hey, what's that 1 doing there, shoudn't it be $6.66? Apparently capitalism is more powerful then Satan. Anyway, if you buy this shirt you're retarded - unless you plan on reselling it on Ebay to an idiot redneck for $666. If that's the case then more power to ya.

Oh by the way, Slayer is releasing an EP exclusively through Hot Topic, also due on 6/6/6. That's so fucking metal, huh?

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