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Monday, June 12, 2006

A Wedding In New Jersey

So from what I hear I missed quite a weekend in NYC. I had to take a little trip down to South Jersey for my homeboy's wedding. It was a pretty brutal trip all around. Friday night we (me and girlfriend) went to the Gogol Bordello show at Irving Plaza (review is coming). I don't know what time we got home but we didn't fall asleep until 2:30AM.

I know what you're saying - "2:30, that's fucking early you pussy!". Normally I would agree but normally I don't have to be at a wedding in another state by noon. So we end up taking a 2 hour nap and are awoken by the alarm at 4:30AM. We get ready and head over to the Port Authority to catch the 6 o'clock Greyhound to Philly.

Normally I take the Chinatown bus when I got to Philly because it's like $12 cheaper, but there are no 6AM Chinatown busses, so I had to cough up the bucks for Greyhound. In fact this was my first Greyhound to Philly ever. The funny thing is, people always give me shit for taking the China Express - they try to make me out to be a cheapskate. Well let me tell you something, they are absolutely wrong.

That fucking expensive Greyhound was the grossest piece of shit I've ever been on - and that includes the band van. The seats were ripped and covered in graffiti and the bus smelled like rancid asparagus piss. Now, the Chinatown bus smells like piss too but only right near the pisser - not the whole fucking bus. It smelled like someone hosed that fucker down with a piss canon. Fuck Greyhound in it's ass.

So after a horrible journey through Jersey we end up in Philly. From there we grabbed a cab over to National rent-a-car. This was my first time renting a car and I have to say it's not such a bad thing. It was a bit pricey but not horrible - it ended up costing about $80 for two days. We get in our midsize Impala and cruise to South Jersey. We get to my parents house and start getting ready for the wedding.

Going on 2 hours of sleep we take our pretty asses and get back in the car. The final stage of travel was about to take place - a 30 minute drive to some marina outside of AC. We got there about 5 minutes late, which isn't too bad all considering. I say my hello's and catch up with some friends.

The ceremony was held next to the inn, it was supposed to be by the water but the winds were too strong. The new location for the ceremony was right next to the highway and I didn't hear a single word spoken during the whole thing. Then came the reception and all that jazz.

I was so fucking tired by the end I could barely keep my eyes open. The drive back was fairly dangerous since I kept dozing off. Good thing my girl was passed out or she might have been a bit concerned. Anyway, we got back to the parents dwelling around 5PM or so and went straight to bed.

Up until we left at 5PM the next day we really did damn near nothing. Despite not going anywhere near a jet we were completely jet-lagged. It's good to be back in NYC, that's all I can say. Oh, we took the Chinatown bus back.

Congats to Mr. Boston

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Anonymous said...

thanx ice for the goin through all that shit for me. next time u come down, beers on me nig. the site pretty sweet. i didnt think this would be on it.

mr. boston

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