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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Make Those Hipsters Dance (Gogol Bordello Show)

Gogol Bordello is the best live act there is right now. Friday night at Irving Plaza proved that the Warsaw show was not a fluke. Irving Plaza was not the ideal venue for an act like Gogol but that only slowed them down a bit. The venue was to narrow, the people trying to dance were just knocking into each other. I saw a few fights almost break out because of this.

The show itself was almost exactly the same as the Warsaw gig - jumping in the crowd, drum surfing, etc. It would have been nice to see a new stage show but seeing Gogol do the same thing is better then seeing something new by most other bands.

This show was not the Warsaw gig - that was a once in a lifetime show. It was really fucking good though and once again everyone was dancing. If you still haven't seen Gogol then get your ass in gear and go see them. Seriously, quit fucking around - there's no excuse.

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