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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Olga's Pick

Hey Brooklyn!
Matt's gone and I am stuck in the shitty this weekend, but that's OK because there is a ton of good stuff going on today.

You can start the night off and Lulu's where you can eat and fill up on as much booze as you want.

Ill Out Your Grill
@ Lulu's Lounge
Corner of Greenpoint Ave and Franklin St
Free but Must RSVP or come out with printout

Open Bar Brooklyn Lager 9-10 and Open Bar Skyy Vodka 12:30-1:30. Plus, free Grilled Po'Boy Sandwiches until 12 and giveaways all night long.


Or you can go to the VICE magazine photo exhibit opening.

The 6th Annual Vice Magazine Photo Issue Exhibition
@ Silverstein Photography
535 West 24th St
RSVP for guaranteed admission

From the looks of it, this art opening will not be your typical one. For starter there's free Sparks!

Have fun,

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