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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

6/6/6 With Slayer

So I talked a little shit about the whole Slayer 6/6/6 package about two posts back - well, I still think it's goofy. Anyway, you know what I did last night? If you said hung out at the bar with Kerry King then you would be correct. Yeah that's right.

So I'm on my way back home from Manitoba's and I see this dude on the corner, outside Niagra, that looks just like Kerry King. Oddly enough he was wearing a Slayer shirt, which actually made me question if it was him. I mean why would KK be rocking a Slayer shirt - he's in the fucking band. I thought it might be some obsessed fan that decided he was really impressed with Kerry King.

But it REALLY looked like Kerry so I went into Niagra and grabbed a beer. After a chat with the bartender it turns out the guy in question was in fact Kerry King. So my roommate struck up a conversation with him and his peeps and they came over and did a shot of Jaeger. There wasn't really anyone else there so we actually hung out most of the night.

The first thing I asked him was why the fuck he would be in Niagra on a Tuesday night. Then he showed me his fresh "666" tattoo on the back of his arm. He wanted a 666 on 6/6/6 tattoo so he was in the Village to get inked and needed some post needle booze.

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge Slayer fan but this was a fucking cool night. I mean how many people can say they were drinking with Kerry King on 6/6/6? I mean what the fuck are the odds of that happening?

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