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Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Calm Night In The Village

Last night around midnight we headed over to Lit. It was surprisingly dead for a Friday night. Downstairs Deva (female Devo cover band) was playing, who I have been meaning to see, but I wasn't in the mood to see a band. So we decided maybe it was time to move on.

We headed over to Rififi for Trash. On the way there we passed by Moby on the street - he was alone with a big hat on trying not to be recognized. We got to Rififi just as the rain started to come down. Again it was kind of calm - which is unusual. Within a few minutes of our arrival the power in the backroom went out. I'm pretty sure it was a breaker since it was only the backroom but I'm not a fucking electrician. People started to head for the exit and then boom - music. Everyone turned around and went back to dance.

I stayed up front by the bar since I'm not a huge fan of dancing but very fond of drinking. You know the comedian Eugene Mirman? You should check him out if you aren't familiar he's pretty funny. Well, he is also kinda creepy. He was pretty much lurking in the shadows all night. He was carrying around a camera tripod but I did not see a camera. Mirman would do a little pace from the front of the room to the back and then just stop and stand in the middle of the room and stare at the crowd. It was really fucking weird.

I like Rififi on Fridays quite a bit. It's cool because it's a crazy hipsterish party but without all the retardedness. Well last night the Blue States Lose people made an appearance. In particular 70's jogger man - dude was rocking 70's short shorts with an ass tight cotton jersey and I'm pretty sure he a had a headband on. Seriously, what the fuck? Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me to capture his magnificence. He wasn't the only one either, so I moved on.

After that it we took a trip to 7B for a night cap. Man I love that bar, great jukebox. Nothing exciting happened there at all. We just drank a couple of Natty Lite tall boys and rocked out to some Danzig. So overall last night was cool but there was a weird calmness in the air. Fucking summer in New York man - everyone stop going to the Hamptons and Jersey Shore. There is plenty fun to be had here.

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