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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gutter Punks Take Over Williamsburg

The Daily News has printed an article about how heroin addict crust punks have taken over Williamsburg. The article itself is loaded with cliches and myths but let's be honest here folks, when it comes to crust punks most of that shit is true. On the rare occasion I stroll down to the Bedford area I have been noticing quite a few crusties around but I just figured there was a Leftover Crack show at The Charleston or something that night. But it seems like they've taken up residence at the unfinished luxury buildings all over the fucking place.

While I'm not at all a fan of gutter punks I'm also not a fan of the Wall Street douche that has moved into the hood either. Frankly I'm not sure which is worse. Either way the complaint is clearly coming from the new residents and you know what - fuck them. I mean if they weren't building all these god damn shiny buildings all over the fucking place this would have never happened. There would still be nice old brick buildings not occupied by crusties and collar poppers.

But really, the truth is - I don't give a shit. I haven't lived around the Bedford area in about four years. This does not affect me and I think most of the people reading BSC are probably in the same boat, living a few more stops out on the L, off the J, or in Greenpoint.


Anonymous said...

im actually planning on moving to brooklyn, possibly williamsburg, and this is not what i want to hear!

thanks for the heads up!

Miss Bitch said...

With any luck, the winter will kill off all the gutter punks. And anonymous, for considering moving to Brooklyn.

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