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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Brooklyn Ski Club Is Offline

So you may have noticed a drop off in posts lately. Sorry about that. The thing is I moved recently and thanks to the efficiency of Time Warner I have to wait a week for them to hook up internet. And thanks to NYC for allowing a monopoly in my area. I enjoy having no fucking alternatives for broadband internet, seriously what fucking country is this?

Oh and while I'm ragging on Time Warner, how about that $40 "transfer fee"? Really dudes? I've moved like 8 times in the past 8 years and I've never had to pay a transfer fee. You fucking dick knobs wait until a recession to implement a transfer fee? If you apply that $40 fee to improving your service then I'm happy to pay it. I'm kinda fucking sick of my connection dropping every hour and not being able to stream video most of the day because of slow service. You guys are doing a bang up job over there. GFY!

Anyway, I should be up and running again soon. I'll try and get some posts up whenever I have a connection in the meantime.

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