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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shai Hulud Touring With New Found Glory!

Before I even start let it be known that I hate New Found Glory. Not only are they a shitty pop-punk band but they're responsible for ruining one of my favorite bands when I was a teenager - that band was Shai Hulud.

You see when Shai started they had a young whipper snapper on the mic named Chad Gilbert. Dude was beyond amazing - he had deep poetic lyrics and a monster of a voice. Then something awful happened, he quit Shai and decided to play guitar in New Found Glory.

The hardcore world lost a great talent that day and Shai Hulud was never the same after that. Now, all these years later, Shai Hulud and New Found Glory are touring together. That means there's a small glimmer of hope that Chad Gilbert might take the stage with Shai Hulud and perform a few songs from "Hearts Once Nourished..." and that makes me very happy.

The audio sucks on this but apparently Chad re-joining Shai has happened before!

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