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Sunday, February 08, 2009

TV On The Radio, SNL Debacle

Did anyone watch SNL this weekend? Yeah, I know it's awful these days but I know at least a couple of you were still too hungover from Friday to go out on Saturday and saw this.

TV On The Radio was the musical guest, which is awesome right? Not so much. I'm a huge TVOTR fan, I think they're one of the few original bands out right now and I love just about everything they've done.

That said the SNL performance was horrid! There was so much wrong that I really don't know if the band was fucking up, the sound guy fucked up, or all of the above. Actually the mix was bad, no doubt, but that doesn't explain the general terrible-ness of the set.

SNL has a long history of making great bands sound average so I'll cut TVOTR a break and blame the shit sound crew on SNL. Take a listen to this catastrophe...


Peavey said...

Damn NBC for making youtube take the videos down.

I head over the the SNL website to check it out and guess what, no where to be found!

Congrats NBC, you just pushed me to download the COMMERCIAL FREE torrent of the TV show so I can catch TV's performance.

Douche bags.

Anonymous said...

@ Peavey

You have to wonder if the large media companies have anyone of average intelligence working for them the way they shoot themselves in the face constantly.

Oh, people actually want to view this? Eh, we can release it in some "best of the worst SNL music moments 2000-2010" DVD box set that barely anyone will purchase, best not have it anywhere on the web.

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