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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Grand - Matt & Kim

Luckily I saw Matt & Kim live before I ever heard their recordings. The fact is if it was the other way around I would have hated this album and everything before it. Luckily though that didn't happen because I love Matt & Kim now.

When I heard they were releasing a new album I was worried that they couldn't recreate their infectious live shows on album. Well I can honestly say that Grand gets about as close as you can. The production is excellent and really has a live feel. The funny thing is I've heard all of these songs so many times I didn't even realize they were "new." I knew half the words to the songs before I ever even listened to the album.

If you live in Brooklyn, especially Williamsburg or Greenpoint, then every songs seems like it's about your life. The thing is, it kinda is and that's what's so awesome. Matt & Kim really are just like us - they're friends of friends (literally), they ride their bikes on the same streets, they drink coffee at the same shops, and that's exactly what they write songs about.

The question is, would I recommend Grand? If you like bubble-gum punk then yes. If you've seen them live then yes. If you like upbeat indie rock then yes. But the thing is if you're any of those people then you already have it. If not this is the best I've ever heard M&K so pick it up.

So to those BSC readers that like it fast and heavy - go see Matt & Kim live. The smaller the venue the better. After that you won't need me to recommend it.

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