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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Brooklyn Ski Club Party: SMELL THE GLOVE (March 9th)

About a month ago I was waiting for some pals in the LES so I stopped into Welcome To The Johnsons for a brew. As I was sitting on the wood-arm chair by the door sipping my PBR I had an idea. How awesome would it be to have a party at Johnson's? Really fun. The problem is it's just not set up for it. So I thought about other joints and the first one to pop into my head was St. Jerome's. Did I mention Motley Crue was on at the time?

So I shot my homeboy Carlos a text about having a super fun metal party. Not like Lamb Of God & Pantera stuff - I found out in high school that shit scares off broads - but instead fun metal, like Crue, Poison, Motorhead, KISS and maybe throw in some punk and glam, like Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, NY Dolls, etc. We were onto something but it needed more.

So we called up some girls to gogo and looked for someone to give people free Mohawks. Then we called up some friends in killer local bands about guest DJing. We contacted Universal Music and about having the official NYC listening party for the new Scorpions album, Sting In The Tail. We also spoke to some awesome local shops about partnering up on the whole thing.

Somehow ALL of this came together and the end result was SMELL THE GLOVE! We have high hopes for this party. It's my first without bands playing so I'm nervous but the early feedback is better then anything I've experienced before. This party is going to rule hard. Come out, get drunk, and rock out to some fist pumping tunage.

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