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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Smell The Glove Was Rad, Dude

The first ever Smell The Glove went down on Tuesday night at LES rock bar St. Jerome's. The shindig started off with the listening party for the new Scorpions album Sting In The Tail. By 9:45 the place was already pretty full and everyone seemed to be rocking out to the new Scorps.

The first DJ was our bro Matt aka Klicka from Wizardry. He went on around 10PM and got the night started right with some killer hair metal, hard rock, and some gritty punk tunes. Also around this time the lovely go-go girls Amber Star and Apathy started doing their thing. As advertised we had Scotty Skitzo cutting free Mohawks and the first victim stepped up around 10:30. Unfortunately, our buddy Lex was the only one with enough balls (and booze) to go under the knife.

The next DJ up was iLan, who happened to be celebrating his birthday. He broke out some rare and rowdy 80's hard rock. St. Jerome's sounded (and kinda looked) like the Sunset Strip in 1986. The night ended with Cobra (Sean Carpenter) who got a little heavier with some Sabbath and Maiden.

The crowd was a really cool mix of metal heads and hipsters who appreciate a little Crue every now and again. Our bro Andy Shaw stopped by and snagged one of the KillShopKill tote bags we were giving away. After he left he was cruising on his motorcycle and the bag apparently burst into flames without him realizing it. From what I hear it was a very Ghost Rider-esque scene in the LES.

Overall, we had a fucking blast and we can't wait to do it again. Smell The Glove will be back, bigger and better. Check out some pictures and another recap of the festivities on DrivenByBoredom. Also, check back for more shots from Dr. Photog.


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