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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apollo Run Played Bell House 4/9

Kate went to see Apollo Run on Friday....

So happy hour before a concert, bad idea. Happy hour before a concert sans dinner? A disaster. But alas, I ventured south Friday evening and made it to the Bell House to catch Apollo Run. The venue was super cool. Take an old warehouse, exposed wooden beams and all, add a couple chandeliers, some leather couches, and a large eager crowd and you've got my Friday night. 

Oh and another main component to my evening, the band. Their instruments varied just as their sound did. They were blues, jazz, and some rock rolled into one, and at the same time their sound was completely organic. Their front man, John McGrew managed to stayed strong on the keys, and homeboy was even rocking the trumpet at one point. His voice was soulful, and whispery and when you combined that with the fully stocked band behind him the performance was both innovative and entertaining.

These dudes were even kind enough to say what up after the show. The crowd favorite for sure was "That's how it felt" and they saved that for the end of their show. The entire audience, including myself found their performance enticing. My apologies for the picture-less post, as my camera is no longer with us at this time. Although I spent a large portion of my Saturday in bed dying, the hangover was totally worth it.

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David Ostow said...

I love Apollo Run! I was so disappointed not to have made it to the show because I've seen them twice in the past and they are consistently phenomenal. Thanks for giving them this much deserved good review.

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