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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Akudama Played Cameo 4/10

Kate checked out Akaduma at Cameo on Saturday.

So Saturday night I headed to Cameo to check out the band Akudama. If you’re ever looking for this place it’s behind the Lovin’ Cup. And by that I mean walk through the restaurant all the way to the back, past the bathrooms, through heavy dark curtains, text the word ‘Indigo’ to the number 22922 and then open a door that looks like an emergency exit. You will then enter a tiny room that on Saturday, happened to be decorated like my Junior Prom.  

I arrived around 12:15, just in time to hear these dudes from Boston screaming sweet nothings into a microphone. I was outside again by about 12:17 where I had the pleasure of hearing some chick talk about how her mom woke up next to some dude in a cemetery, I kid you not. Apprehensive, would be a word to describe how I felt about the remainder of my evening.

Akudama went on closer to one. That’s when my night completely turned around. Here are just a couple reasons why I thought these dudes were rad. They didn’t grow mustaches because every other goddamn guy in Williamsburg has one, but for a John Oates look alike contest. One of their songs was about a haircut similar to David Bowie’s. And lastly, they sounded really fucking good. Akudama’s lead singer, Blake has a unique voice with an incredible range.  Their sound is very mature, classic, and clean. These guys really know how to read each other, which is probably why their set was so solid. All in all it was definitely worth checking out and I hope to run into these guys again.

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