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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tonight: The Last Wild Yaks Show Ever!?


The band that I've probably seen live more times in the last 2 years than any other is calling it quits. Tonight is what they're claiming will be the last show they ever play. For the record, they've made this claim before - several times, actually. Will this be it for Wild Yaks? I doubt it but at the very least it will be awhile before you get to see them again. If it is in fact the last show I'm super bummed because I can't go. I destroyed my knee and can barely walk and therefore a Wild Yaks show is simply dangerous. So do yourself a favor and go, for me, if not for your own satisfaction. Farewell drunken troubadours and broken guitars.

Wild Yaks
@ Cameo 
Doors 8PM
Cover ?? (probably $5-7)

Of course you don't believe me that this is the last Wild Yaks show ever. You think I'm your raving uncle? Like you have company over and I'm just talking and talking in the backyard and your guests are like, what's all that racket? And you're like, that's just my raving uncle.

Of course I am not done playing music. As long as this pervasive heart ache continues, as long as love threatens to squeeze my little heart to lovely death I will have no choice but to go on singing this joyous, lonesome lament. 

I'll sing to a rock. To a tree. Haven't you seen me do it?

Of course I am not finished playing music with Martin and Dan. Do you know those beautiful men? Am I not the luckiest man that ever lived? I got to ride the white horse long into the night with world class, beautiful tragic fools.

I've been fighting so long. Believing that some gesture, some approach to beauty, could somehow make up for the all those times in my life that I felt like a loser. All those times I felt like I deserved more. Deserved better. But I have given up that war. 

We cannot save the past! 

I have laid down all my curses. Put them in the earth to wait for time to mellow their poison.

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