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Monday, June 02, 2008

Apes & Androids @ Bowery Ballroom, Sigmund Droid @ Fontana's

Friday turned out to be one hell of a night. First of all Apes And Androids were headlining Bowery Ballroom. Considering I've probably written more posts about A&A then any other band I was pretty excited about that. Apes And Androids in front of a sold out Bowery - awesome!

I got to the show earlier then I expected. The first band hadn't even gone on yet. So I hung around in the basement. I snuck up a few times to check out the openers - both were pretty good. Free Blood was one of them but the name of the other is slipping my mind. Then Reggie Watts took the stage. I saw Reggie for the first time about a month ago at Rififi. He's a stand up comedian who specializes in creating hilarious songs on stage using nothing but a sampler and his voice. Friday night he did not disappoint. The crowd was loving it and even singing along - "Fuck Shit Stack!"

Then A&A came out and blew everyone's minds. I could go through and break it down song by song but by now I've reviewed so many A&A shows that it's hard to come up with clever phrases to describe how fucking awesome they are live. But I'll try summarize some of the highlights. The show started with a blast of confetti and streamers, which set the mood nicely. As always one of the best parts was about half way through when they busted out the drums and played "Golden Prize".

The finale, as expected, was insane. For one they closed with "Hot Kathy" by far my favorite song by A&A and in my opinion the perfect closer. Then the 8-foot tall unicorn monsters were led out from the back by two chicks in tight silver spandex. They lumbered around the dance floor trying not to tip over. Next up a chorus of people joined A&A on stage and followed "Hot Kathy" with the chorus to "Hey Jude". And that was that, minds were blown, lives were changed, and Apes & Androids made their point.

After the show everyone headed over to Fontana's for the official after party. Sigmund Droid played with David from A&A on guitar. Sigmund Droid shows are always fun but this one was extra insane. Not only was it the A&A after party but it was also Sol's birthday. The whole downstairs was packed full of people dancing and jumping off of shit - it was intense. After that I split but the party raged on. It was one hell of a night in outer space.










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