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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Black Angels "Secret" Show Last Night (Photos & Video) + Playing Letterman Tonight

Last night I voyaged out of the house for a "secret" Black Angels show at the Angel Orensanz theatre. I've never been to the venue before and I had very little details about the event. All I knew was Black Angels were playing. Whether or not anyone else was, or not, I had no idea.

When I got to the show I was happy to see the line outside wasn't too crazy. Once I got inside I was very much impressed by the interior. The stage has a massive church facade as a back drop. I was also impressed by the fact there was free booze (Hob Nob wine & Coors Light). I ran into some comrades who informed me that only Black Angels were playing, which was just fine by me.

They started playing not long after I entered. The first half of the set was their new album, Phosphene Dream, in it's entirety. The songs were good but, of course, lacked familiarity. For this reason I can't tell you the name of the super awesome, and surprisingly upbeat, tune they played about halfway into the album. I also can't tell you the name of the song they closed with which had an intro that is exactly the same riff as "Police Truck" by Dead Kennedys, but way slowed down. Overall, I dig the new stuff but of course was looking forward to hearing some old gems.

After they played all the new tracks they took a break. It was around this time that I discovered that the upstairs balcony had it's own little bar hidden
in the corner. While about 100 people waited in line downstairs I was walking right up to the bar upstairs getting my glass filled, no wait at all. It was also nice to find a bountiful cheese plate on that upstairs bar to go with my wine.

I enjoyed the second half of the set from my perch on the balcony. Oddly enough the place started to clear out as the band was playing their classics. Who comes to a show to hear new stuff and then leaves during the old classic tunes? Maybe it was because the downstairs bar ran dry or maybe it was just all jaded music biz types in the room.

After the show was over we headed to St. Jerome's for a few brews. Then we heard that the after party was at Nurse Betties around the corner so we went and checked it out. When we walked in the guitar player from Black Angels, who kinda looks like Crispin Glover, was dancing on this little stage, all crazy like. Some girl was sitting next to the stage cheering him on as he writhed around. It was kinda like a one-man San Francisco acid test party. But that was about it, things were pretty tame after that.

The show was great and I'm happy that I finally got to see Black Angels, and at such an awesome venue complete with free booze. It was a win to say the least. Now I just gotta score myself a free copy of the new album. And don't forget to tune into Letterman tonight to see what you missed.

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