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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Smell The Glove, Oct. 22nd. My Birthday Party!

Dudes, the next Smell The Glove is upon us! We took off September to make sure October was extra awesome and it seems to have worked out. In addition to being the official listening party for the new Holy Grail album it's also the official birthday party for myself and Carlos (who I throw STG with). As such we're doing it on a Friday, instead of the typical Thursday, so no bullshit about work the next day.

We've got Prince Terrence (Hussle Club), Kelle Calco and Dave from The Party Death DJing. Oh, and I'll be DJing the opening set from 10-11! My first ever DJ set so don't miss it. Amber and Eddy will be your lovely gogo's for the night (tip well) and Luc will be behind the bar slinging $2 Bud from 9-12.

We might have a few special surprises too so don't fuck around. You're gonna be downtown for CMJ anyway so might as well come rage for awhile.


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