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Monday, November 29, 2010

Spirit Family Reunion Playing Our Anniversary Party, Dec. 4th!

We told you guys to keep an ear out because we had some more bands to announce for our 5-year anniversary show. Well, here's another one for ya! The amazing Spirit Family Reunion will be joining the lineup (Wild Yaks, Gunfight!, Raccoon Fighter) this Saturday at Don Pedro's.

The very first band I saw after being bedridden for two months after my surgery was Spirit Family Reunion. I went to see Morgan O'Kane and these guys opened for him. I'd never even heard of them before that night but they've been one of my favorites ever since. The first show was a block away from my place but I dug them so much I crutched my way down to Zebulon a week later to see them again. I recently had the pleasure of seeing them in an intimate 50 person loft and it was killer.

Will there be more bands announced in the next few days? Maybe. I suggest you RSVP on the old Facebook page as we'll be updating there first.

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