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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Valient Thorr & The Sword 12/6

This is long overdo and therefore I'm not even going to try and give a detailed recap. Here's what you need to know about this show: Black Cobra opened and while I didn't love the music the drummer was amazing. The riffs varied from sludgy to thrash and was good at times. They even managed to sound a bit like Sepultura at times, minus the vocals.

Next up came the mighty Valient Thorr. The reason I came to this show was to see VT, not The Sword like everyone else. To put it simply Valient Thorr is an amazing live band. Decked out in jean vests and each sporting a heavy beard they come off like a Viking biker gang. The music is intense and the band is too. But it's clear they're just having fun up there and everything is done tongue-in-cheek. The set was fantastic and I suggest you get off of your ass next time they're in town and check them out live.

Next up it was The Sword, to be honest I never really got why people were into this band so much. They remind me of Wolfmother or one of those other Deep Purple wannabe bands that everyone is into these days.

The Sword also attracts a very interesting crowd. There were very few metal heads, a few scattered hipsters, but mostly it was douchebags from North Jersey and LI. They were literally bumping chests and high fiving each other the whole time. They were everywhere and they were trying to be tough. It was a DB pit, you know what I mean? A bunch of big dudes who aren't familiar with heavy shows so they think they have to mosh, except they don't know what that means so they just run into each other like retards.

Anyway, let's get back to The Sword...they're boring. Plain and simple. I lasted about 3 or 4 songs and then I went home. I just don't get why people dig such a boring band. Valient Thorr blew them off the stage in my oh so humble opinion.




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Anonymous said...

It seems people tend to have very strong opinions about The Sword, one way or the other.

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