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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fake Colgate In East Williamsburg

The other day I stopped into the corner store by the Montrose L stop. I think the address was 223 Montrose. Anyhow, I stopped by to pick up some toothepaste. I could have picked up some regular toothpaste but instead I grabbed the slightly fancier looking Colgate Herbal. When I got home my girlfriend gave me a hard time for not getting the kind she liked and made a comment about it being fake (I think she saw it on 20/20 or something).

A few days later she cracked it open. After the first time I brushed with it I decided to check up on it. The whole fake toothpaste thing made me curious. So I did a little research and guess what? Colgate doesn't make ANY toothpaste in Africa (which it said on the box along with several other countries). They also don't sell 100ml size tubes at all. The shit I just put in my mouth was fake and has some kind of deadly poison in that's used in anti-freeze.

The moral of the story is that you shouldn't buy toothpaste from bodega's. Especially not the dump by the Montrose L... or you might DIE!

Fake Colgate

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