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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tonight: Bang Camaro & Cheeseburger

On Tuesday I put a show on in Boston. The band I booked to headline was Bang Camaro. I never actually saw them live before that show but now I'm going to see them again tonight (Williamsburg Music Hall 10PM, $15). So what I'm saying its they're really good live, more fun then any band you've seen in a long time. Also Cheeseburger is opening and they're pretty awesome as well.

The band is composed of a bassist, a drummer, three guitarists, and anywhere from ten to fifteen vocalists comprising a full choir of lead singers. The band's music is somewhat similar in style to '80s metal and glam rock. The basic song structure employed by the band does away with traditional verses in order to highlight catchy choruses and integrate as many guitar solos as possible. The result has been described by the band as, "taking everything we loved about the genre, and throwing everything out that we hated." The band cites Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly as influences in addition to hard rock bands like Iron Maiden and Dokken. "I would call us anthem rock," said Alex Necochea. "We're really not heavy metal. I think our focus is more on writing great singles, as best as we can make them. That's just something Bryn and I grew up on. We're big fans of melody and big driving hooks, that sort of thing.
Here are some pictures from Tuesday:






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