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Monday, February 25, 2008

Municipal Waste Playing SXSW

If any of you metal heads get sent down to SXSW for work, have no fear. Municipal Waste will bring the thrash! So while everyone else is standing around being to cool to uncross their arms while the latest blog hype band dicks through their set you'll be funneling beer and boogie boarding the crowd with the Waste! Just remember: you're in Texas - home of Pantera. So you better head bang.

Mar 10 - 8:00PM Meridian Red Room Houston, Texas
Mar 11 - 8:00PM Red 7 Austin, Texas
Mar 12 - 8:00PM Red Blood Club Dallas, Texas
Mar 13 - 8:00PM SXSW (Emo’s Annex) Austin, Texas
Mar 14 - 8:00PM SXSW (Broke Neck Warehouse) Austin, Texas
Mar 15 - 1:00PM SXSW (Waterloo Park) Austin, Texas
Mar 16 - 8:00PM The Crossing San Antonio, Texas

...yeah I know they're not all SXSW but close enough.

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