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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Too Drunk To Fuck"

No...I'm not referring to the classic Dead Kennedys song. I'm talking about the chorus to the new Buckcherry song "Too Drunk". Yes, those wanna-be '80's shit rockers dared to rip off the chorus to one of the most classic punk rock songs ever. We all know Buckcherry sucks but this fucking song is even shit by their low standards. So how are they going to get people to listen to it? Put a bunch of titties in the video and premiere it on the Playboy website. I hope Jello Biafra sues the living shit out of these Hollywood hacks.

The Titty Video On Playboy

I realize I shouldn't link to the video but you have to see the level these idiots have to stoop to in order to get people to hear their shitty song.

Too Drunk To Fuck, Live 1981

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