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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What I Learned At Virgin Mobile Festival

  • Average people still have no idea who Gogol Boredello is
  • Lil Wayne is a dick. Seriously dude, 45 minutes late! Then you just rap over your CD, which you didn't even bother taking the vocal track out of??? FUCK YOU SIR
  • The food is excellent. Seriously. Festival food worth buying.
  • NIN have the best light show EVER! Mind blowing shit. And thanks for playing 3 of my 4 favorite NIN songs - Hurt, Wish, and Piggy.
  • STP is awesome. REALLY awesome! Time and separation has not hurt them at all. No one at the festival sounded better.
  • Iggy Pop is super human...but I guess we already knew that.
  • No matter how cheesy The Offspring have become hearing songs from Smash never gets old.
  • As suspected Citizen Cope is fucking awful. The single worst part of Virgin.
  • Despite my hatred for the oonst oonst Soulwax is pretty incredible live.
  • Chuck Berry can't really play guitar anymore but who fucking cares because he still put on a show. Let's see what you're doing when you're 81 - shitting your diaper and playing crosswords. You def won't be on stage with a bunch of 19 year old girls like Chuck.
  • Bob Dylan sounded terrible. What a fucking bummer. It's like he's trying to sound like an exaggerated Dylan impersonator.

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