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Thursday, December 18, 2008

NOOOOO!!!! They're Pulling The Plug On SPARKS.

Whenever I plan on going out all night and I want to make sure I have fuel in my tanks around 2AM I down a couple of cans of Sparks before I head out. It's become a bit of ritual at this point. Sparks is an acquired taste but to those of us who have acquired it today is a sad day. The Man is banning Sparks and ALL other caffeine infused alcohol.

While I realize this shit is not at all good for you - you know what else isn't good for you? ALCOHOL. So we're banning the use of a mild stimulant but the POISON we're putting it into is fine? Now, that's not to say I have anything against booze, in fact, I love the shit. But why the fuck is the government stepping in over fucking caffeine?

Seriously? The shit in coffee and soda and chocolate and McDonald's hamburgers is getting banned from mixing with booze? That's god damn segregation if I ever saw it - I thought we've moved past that shit.

Well, I'd love to rant more but I have to go down to the beer distributor and buy two dozen cases of Sparks. Which I'll now refer to as Ebay gold.

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