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Friday, October 09, 2009

Tonight: My Birthday w/ Sigmund Droid, Hank & Cupcakes, Cerebral Ballzy, Radio America, & Forest City

Instead of creating a new post I'm just changing the date on this. So it turns out there's literally nothing else happening tonight. This is the only party in NYC. Weird, huh? I know it's hard to believe but it's true. All the listings on other website are Republican/Nazi/Communist propaganda. I'm the only on you can trust. So here's the info again...

For the first time ever I'm having a public party for my birthday. I asked a bunch of bands to play and I think the lineup is pretty solid and fun.

Hank & Cupcakes: If you enjoy fun then this should be your favorite band. They've played 2 BSC shows in the past and were amazing both times. You will be dancing, I promise.

Sigmund Droid: These dudes have been one of my favorites for years now and have also played 2 Ski Club shows in the past (including the first ever). I'm not sure I'd be having this show if they couldn't play.

Cerebral Ballzy: This band is just fucking awesome! High energy thrash / skate punk. For those of you who know me it's pretty crucial that at least one metal/punk band plays my party and these guys are the best around.

Forest City: One of the first bands I reached out to about this show was Boogie Boarder but they couldn't play because of the Monotonix gig on Saturday. Then I was talking to my buddy Jamen and it turns out he just started playing in a band with one of the Boogie Boarder dudes. I went and saw them at Union Pool and it was fun so I asked them to play. They're a little bit of country and a little bit rock n' roll (sorry).

Radio America: Homeboys. Some of my best friends are in this band. Have known these dudes for years. Two of them used to write for Ski Club. I went to high school with one of them. This was a no-brainer. I mean they were going to be there hanging anyway, might as well throw some guitars on.

Cutie & The Catfish: CANCELED

DJs Yoshi Knicknock & Joe Eyeball: Philly DJs I'm related to. They know how to get you dancing. Lots of classic soul & motown, punk, garage, oldies, etc. Good music for a party. ***Update: There might be an issue with setting up turntables at the venue so might just be an iPod thing, which sucks but whatever.

It's going to be $3 at the door and please give a couple more bucks if you can. The bands are getting paid from the door and $3 ain't much so please be generous. Also, I might add another band but I can't say who yet.

Invite Your Fucking Friends!

***Update: Think about the band I've written about the most lately. Got it? Well they might be stopping by to play a few songs!

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