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Monday, October 19, 2009

Interview - The Raveonettes

Danish rock duo The Raveonettes just played two New York shows in support of their new album In And Out Of Control. One at Webster and one in Brooklyn at the Music Hall of Wiliamsburg. They also played Maxwell's in New Jersey. We weren't in attendance, but we did get a chance to ask a few question of Sune Rose Wagner, the founder and spokesman of sorts for the two piece about a multitude of things concerning the new album, the band's sound and their creative growth over the years since we've known them.

BSCKenya: "Boys Who Rape" is a song one might expect to be dark and sinister, and while lyrically, it tackles a subject matter that is just that, musically, it's ensconced inside light, dreamy pop. This has sort of been a running theme for Raveonettes for a few records now. Would you say this sort of sweet, yet in-your-face confrontation of things like rape and suicide is your most effective writing technique?

Sune: Well, we always liked contrast and the music needs to be a combined entity of various moods and sounds. A light melody goes really well with darker lyrics I think otherwise it all becomes too nauseating.

BSCKenya: Some would say In and Out of Control sits comfortably in between the uber production of Pretty In Black and the raw, DIY production of Lust Lust Lust. Would you give any validity to that sentiment, or ignore it completely?

Sune: I think the new album is a strange mix of lo-fi sounds being blown up in a hi-fi soundscape. We threw so many crazy sounds together and it ended up sounding big and beautiful.

BSCKenya: What are your own feelings on the album as far as where the final results sit musically after Lust Lust Lust?

Sune: I think it's a brilliant pop album you don't get to hear these days. It's daring, confrontational and challenging, not many pop albums have those elements. It's a very different album from what we've done previously, that's for sure.

BSCKenya: Are any of the songs on In and Out of Control revised runoff from previous writing sessions for past albums that didn't make the cut?

Sune: "Heart Of Stone" is from an album I did which was never released. It was originally meant to be on a solo album but I ended up doing a solo album in Danish so this song fit perfectly for this album.

BSCKenya: Since 2002, after five releases on a few different labels, what have you learned that informs the music you make at this moment?

Sune: I follow whatever my heart tells me. I don't follow trends or anything. I'm old fashioned when it comes to writing songs. Whatever works for me and makes my heart beat faster from pure excitement must be the righg thing. I'm into good songwriting like Dylan and Springsteen. A good song is the number one thing then you can cloak in whatever sound you find appealing at the time of recording.

BSCKenya: Every artists wishes to evolve their artistry as time progresses. Do you consider artistic evolution something that should happen naturally, or would you say it is more a purposeful pursuit?

Sune: It happens naturally but we also try to not repeat ourselves too much. This album was written, recorded and mixed in 6 weeks, we never tried that before.

BSCKenya: If you were forced to pick one song on this album that embodies the most growth the Raveonettes demonstrate, which would that be?

Sune: "Last Dance" for sure. It's a big production, extremely catchy melody, very different instrumentation from what we've done before and overall just a smash hit.

BSCKenya: Is there anyone around now that you can get behind musically? Who are you listening to?

Sune: I try to follow what's going on. I've listened to bands like Girls, The XX, The Big Pink, the new Horrors album and Bat For Lashes.

BSCKenya: You're about to embark on the exhilarating madness that is going on tour again. Any anticipation or apprehension about what awaits you in the wake of this new release?

Sune: For the first time ever I feel incredibly confident that we will blow people away with our show cause we've rehearsed many, many cool songs and found new ways of playing some of the old songs as well. We're totally on top of our game and we're ready to go through all of our albums. A few unexpected surprises as well...

BSCKenya: Which song from the current album would you get the most joy out of performing for your fans?

Sune: All of them, they're all so new, just a few months old really but Sharin is playing drums on "Heart Of Stone" so I'm totally looking forward to that.

Download tracks from the new album, In And Out Of Control:

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