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Monday, November 02, 2009

Titus Andronicus Did Not Have Fun At The VICE Party

Saturday night I checked out the VICE 15-year anniversary / Halloween party at some giant warehouse on N.10th. I got there early and didn't have to deal with any of the door drama that ruined the night for a few people. The space itself was impressive, the booze was free, the bands were pretty awesome and the DJs were playing 90's tunes. Apparently though all types of fucked up shit was going on, which isn't surprising at all. I didn't experience any of this but I left kinda early.

Patrick from Titus Andronicus wrote about his experience and I commend him for still playing his set after all this bullshit. Read all about it here:

Patrick Got Assaulted By Hired Goons

***By the way 75% of the people at the party were wearing costumes that had more to do with 1984 then 1994. Is it that people just didn't give a shit about the theme or has pop culture bled together so much with our generation that we no longer recognize the difference between 84 and 94? I'm just saying, in 1994 we fucking hated all things 80's so it's weird that people are mixing the two...or maybe I'm just an old bastard.

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