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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Do Not Like This New Yeasayer Track

So during CMJ 2007 I saw this band called Yeasayer. They looked like a bunch of fucking creeps but the music was amazing. Like all caps AMAZING even. It was a weird mix of backwoods and robot future.

Then I got the album and while I didn't think the production was great the music was some of the best I'd heard in years. I went on to declare they are the best Brooklyn band since TVOTR. Based on the first album I feel very confident about that statement.

And then a couple days ago I went ahead and very eagerly put on the new track "Ambling Alp". I was with some friends at the time who are also fans of Yeasayer. We all looked around the room at each other with a look of confusion. Was this Yeasayer at all? Did I click play on the wrong track?

Upon further review I realized it was indeed Yeasayer. What the hell happened? Too much time hanging with MGMT? The single is dancey pop music. Nothing at all like the first album.

All I can say is I'm super fucking bummed. Maybe, just maybe, it's all for show. You know, put out a poppy first single to make the label happy and get the teeny boppers buying the presale package, or whatever. But damn I'm going to be in shitty mood for the rest of the winter if the whole fucking album sounds like "Ambling Alp". And the bad news is I know someone who practices in the same studio they do and word is the new stuff sucks. Damn it!


Anonymous said...

The album is bollocks too... way too much bad 80s synth and drum machines. Not even cool reference points... Peter Gabriel, Don Henley ("Boys Of Summer"), and (gulp) Howard Jones.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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