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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tonight: 66Sick & Disco Down

You may have noticed that I haven't posted jack shit lately. That's because unlike most of you I have a family (you're all orphans and runaways right?) that I visit during the holidays. So I've been in Shitsville, NJ getting fat and nostalgic. Anyway, I'm back in Brooklyn and ready to get back to the action.

The last time I attended this shit was for the anniversary party and it was crazy. I ended up at a table in the corner with some chums. Eventually Andy from The Smiths and Junior Sanchez were at our table hanging out. Thanks to their celeb status a bottle of vodka was brought over compliments of the Happy Ending. So I drank for free and spent a total of $2 all fucking night. Pretty cool huh? While I don't expect that kind of thing happening tonight it should still be a good time.

@ Happy Ending
Open bar at 10

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