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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

10 Steps Through MySpace Music (1st Edition)

I thought up this concept over a year ago and have just totally slacked on writing something up. The idea is I start on familiar bands MySpace profile and click on a random band in their Top Friends. I then listen to a track or two and click on one of their Top Friends. This goes on until I've listened to ten bands. I review each band and let you kids know if they're worth a listen.

For the first edition I've decided to start with one of my favorites, Bear Vs. Shark. Sure they broke up years ago but they do have a MySpace page so let's give it a go.

  1. Fire When Ready: This band is from Birmingham/Syracuse/Brooklyn, which must make practicing a bitch. My initial thoughts are that they actually remind me of BvS a bit but more of a hipster indie thing going on. Fire When Ready sounds like they would be fucking killer live. Overall, I'm surprised that the very first band I give a try is a home run. I have a feeling this is a band half of you already know but oh well. Awesome, awesome stuff. Don't want to stop listening but I must... Should You Listen? YES!
  2. The Trip Wilsons: Another New York band, in this case Bainbridge, NY. The first song started out with some soul and then jumped into some guitar driven rock n' roll. These dudes aren't doing anything new but they are making it exciting. Another band that seems like they would kick your scrawny ass live. Should You Listen? Yes
  3. Onemanriot And The Underground River: Binghampton, NY. Dreamy, and kinda spooky, mostly acoustic music. The name is too damn long, I would just go with The Underground River. Anyhow, the music is mellow but awesome. I rarely can stay interested with acoustic music but this shit is badass. Something about it reminds me of O'Death or older NY Howl but more stripped down and enchanting. Should You Listen? YES.
  4. Joe Brown Was A Patient Man: More fucking NY shit. This is just some dude diddling his guitar. No vocals or variety of instruments. Honestly, some of it is cool but nothing I could listen to for more then a minute or two. Should You Listen? No
  5. Terrible Sparrow: Damn dude...more Binghampton. The only recordings these dudes have up are live and they sound like horse shit. Maybe they're good but I can't tell from this crap. Should You Listen? NO.
  6. Swath: Guess where these dudes are from? This sounds like the side project the two stoner metal dudes in the band play before the rest of their indie band shows up for practice. No vocals, very moody. It's cool I guess but it's been done a thousand times over. Should You Listen? Not unless you REALLY like Isis and hate vocals.
  7. Pelican: We all know Pelican so I won't even bother with a review. I planned on only clicking on unknown bands but I had to get the fuck out of the Binghampton hole I fell into and Pelican was my out...I hope.
  8. Wolves In The Throne Room: Get those fucking horns up you pussies! I was not expecting to end up on Olympia black metal but yet here we are. It's not bad for what it is but you hipsters will not dig this at all. Should You Listen? Only if you think Gorgoroth rules.
  9. Note: Wolves have no Top Friends so had to go back to Pelican and pick again. Canadian Rifle: I'm not going to lie. I like this band for their name alone, it's awesome. The music itself is somewhere between Minute Men, Husker Du, and Pixies but with more of a local band feel (that's a good thing). I bet these dudes rule the local punk scene. Punk house punk. Should You Listen? Maybe, it's probably way better live.
  10. Daylight Robbery: More of that punk house punk vibe. Makes me wish I was back in Motown drinking 40's and jamming at crusty house parties. This is pretty damn good and if I lived in Chicago I would be at their shows all the time. Should You Listen? Yeah sure, give it a go.
So there it is folks, your comprehensive guide to Binghampton, NY (I'm sure have those bands have the same members). Maybe I make up a new rule that no bands from the same town can be back-to-back. Whatever. I'm actually pretty happy with what I heard, especially the first three. Listen to all of the above and let me know what you think.

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ian vanek said...

Wolves In The Thrown Room are the only band on this list worth their salt. Everyone do you self a favor and get their music. -Japanther

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