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Monday, December 07, 2009

Ninjasonik & Cerebral Ballzy Played Public Assembly (12/3)

Last Thursday, after sucking down some free Jameson at The Charleston, we headed to Public Assembly for Ninjasonik and Cerebral Ballzy. It was also Telli's (Ninjasonik) birthday celebration and not surprisingly shit got kinda wild. The crowd was stoked for Ballzy but the enthusiasm died down because the sound was terrible. I mean it was really fucking bad and not at all the bands fault. The sound guy must not mix too many punk bands. Towards the end of their set though it finally got a little better and people started jumping off shit and going crazy. Ballzy is one of the better live bands in BK right now so even crap sound they still put on a show.

After Ballzy we decided to check out some party around the corner. After you took off your shoes in the hall you had to hand over a 6-pack to get in. We walked into a sweaty dark loft with cheesy music blasting. It was as hot and steamy as a sauna and I kept stepping in mysterious fluids. If we were 20, single, half naked and fucked up on ecstasy or acid it would have been the best party ever. But those days have long passed so after a beer or two we split and headed back to Public Assembly.

Ninjasonik was just starting when we walked in. A bunch of dudes rushed the stage and the show began. I've seen Ninjasonik a few times but I don't think I've ever seen them with that many people on stage. Telli had the whole crew up there for his birthday. As always the got the crowd all worked up and good times were had. I bailed about halfway through their set because I'm a tired old man. But I had fucking fun while I was there.







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