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Friday, May 07, 2010

Hardcore Punk Skate Jam 5/4

On Tuesday night I went to one of the raddest parties I've attended in years. It was at the Autumn Bowl in Greenpoint. It's a massive warehouse with a huge kidney shape bowl and a half pipe. Every once in a while they have a blow out there and it's always fucking insane.

This time around they had a bunch of skate punk / hardcore bands play: Razor Tail, Bad Shit and The Goat. All three of these bands are fucking awesome. When I got in The Goat just started and holy shit are these dudes good. They sound kinda like pre-Rollins Black Flag but with more fun stuff going on. I would go see this band anywhere. Bad Shit were the next band and let me just say they have the gnarliest chick drummer ever. She was ripping it super hard and playing lightning fast punk beats. Did I mention she was super hot? Yeah, she was, and she was also playing in short shorts and a bra.

While the bands were playing there was all types of wild shit happening. People were skating on the half pipe right next to the bands. Boards were shooting off the ramp into the crowd and moshers were falling onto the half pipe. There were dudes setting off fireworks inside the building, which actually works wince the ceilings are about 200 feet high. At one point someone threw firecrackers into the pit. The moshers had little explosions going off around their feet. It looked like a Western where the gunslinger makes some poor sap dance - only there were 50 poor saps. The smoke from the fireworks added a nice war zone feel to the whole thing.

The Autumn Bowl was jam packed full off kids drinking forties and having a good time. The corner store a block up looked like it got looted. There wasn't a tall boy or 40 left in the whole place. Brooklyn needs more jams like this. In all honesty this was the best punk party I've been to in 10 years.


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