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Monday, May 17, 2010

Beach Fossils Played Brooklyn Bowl 5/13

Kate checked out one of The Deli mag shows at Brooklyn Bowl last week...
Thursday night I checked out deli fest at brooklyn bowl. Deli magazine was founded by Paolo Degregorio 5 years ago and focuses on local nyc bands. You can also find issues in various cities such as LA, Nashville, Chicago, SF, New England, Portland, Philly and Austin.

I arrived at brooklyn bowl just as Mon Khmer played their final two songs. The last song kind of reminded me of an Alberta Cross song "Taking Control." I was super bummed that I missed these guys.

Midnight Masses was up next. I was expecting a little more from them overall. There was a lot going on at once up there so I wasn't sure where to direct my attention. There was some chick playing the tambourine with a guitar strapped to her back, I felt it was a little unnecessary. The lead singer was banging the hell out of a drum, I don't know, it was just a little too much. I guess their sound wasn't very cohesive. But, they had really good voices. I feel like maybe if they ditched some instruments their voices wouldn't be over-powered by sound.

Beach Fossils played last. These guys were so good. I feel like a lot of the bands that I've seen lately have had a 60s surf sound to them. They reminded me a little of The Drums. These kids had everyone dancing (Yeah I danced a little at brooklyn bowl, get over it). These guys rocked and I can't wait to hear more from them. Oh yeah, immediately following their performance was ?uestlove DJ'ing, double score!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the coverage Kathleen! Just one small correction to your post, The Deli only has print publications in LA and NYC - the other cities are only covered through web pages... we are still a very very small mag and printing is very expensive.

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