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Friday, December 03, 2010

Brooklyn Ski Club 5-Year Anniversary w/ The Beets, Wild Yaks, Gunfight!, Spirit Family Reunion + Raccoon Fighter

Details & RSVP:

Tomorrow night Brooklyn Ski Club is celebrating 5 long and grueling years or party hopping, heavy drinking, bands, shitshows, dance parties, nudity and general debauchery. It's been rough but we've survived.

We've asked some of our favorite bands to come to Don Pedro's tomorrow night and celebrate with us. For a measly $6 you get to see The Beets, Wild Yaks, Gunfight!, Spirit Family Reunion and Raccoon Fighter. If someone else put that show together I would happily pay $10+ to see it and when you factor in the $1-$2 beers, well it's a steal! It will be sweaty and boozey and the next day you'll tell your friends who stayed home that they're huge assholes for missing it.

Lady Bree will be bartending, Impose Magazine will be photographing, Tom from Radio America will be DJing and I will be drunk...we all will be drunk.

Not convinced? Well, here are some other people & blogs that say you should be there:
But ultimately the reason to come out is the amazing bands. Brooklyn Ski Club turning 5 is just a great excuse to get some of my favorite bands in one room together. Hopefully you all will have as much fun as I will. 

The Beets

Wild Yaks


Spirit Family Reunion

Raccoon Fighter

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