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Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Vice Guide To Everything

Last night we attended the screening of the new MTV/Vice series The Vice Guide To Everything (premiers Dec. 6th, 11pm on MTV). The show goes all over the world exposing weird customs and debunking myths. I love the VBS documentaries so I was looking forward to seeing what this new series was all about. The show is much like the documentaries but much lighter. It's the Vice attitude and boldness but with an MTV sense of humor.

Of course, I had my concerns about MTV being involved but about 5 minutes into the first episode all concerns were put at ease. Frankly, it's one of the best travel shows I've ever seen and that's because they go places every other show wouldn't dare - North Korea for example.

Things I learned: North Korea is just as weird and scary as you would expect, maybe even more so. Yemen on the other hand looks like a rad place and now I want to visit. The Russian Mafia is even more terrifying than you thought. And finally, the coolest dude in America lives in Detroit and his name is Jay Thunderbolt.

Speaking of Jay Thunderbolt, the man himself was hanging at the after party at Lit. We over to say hello and ended up partying with the guy all night. He's one bad ass dude! We started talking music and turns out he loves Van Halen and hard rock. Carlos (who I throw Smell The Glove with) showed Jay a picture from Smell The Glove, it was of one of our go-go gals with her boobs out. Jay then one-upped Carlos and busted out his camera and proceeded to show us about 100 nude pictures of girls who dance for him doing all sorts of weird shit. We also hung out with one of the producers of the show and he told us that when they talked to Jay about flying to NYC he asked how many guns he could bring onboard and if they could book him a smoking seat. Apparently he hasn't left Detroit in 20 years. After his episode airs I have a feeling Jay might become a bit of celebrity.

We had a killer night partying with the Vice crew and especially Jay Thunderbolt. Thanks for all the free booze Vice!


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