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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Video: Vision Of Disorder "Set To Fail"

I don't listen to much post-1992 hardcore anymore but I used to be way into it. VOD was one of the first hardcore bands I ever heard. I was a metal head and they signed to Roadrunner Records, along with Madball. I got some comp that had both bands on it and it blew my mind. From that day forward I dove head first into hardcore, from the roots to the metal infused 90's stuff. Hardcore was my life for quite a few years.

It's nice to see VOD back in action but frankly this is a little too metal. Granted, they always leaned pretty far into metal territory but it would have been cool to hear a return to early 90's style shit. So many metal bands are using HxC breakdowns and riffs that it would have been rad to hear some straight hardcore. Anyway, it's still good and has some interesting things going on.

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