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Friday, April 12, 2013

King Khan & BBQ Show Played Santos Party House w/ Bloodshot Bill

Last night I went over to Santos Party House to check out King Khan & BBQ Show with Bloodshot Bill. I showed up right before Bloodshot Bill was scheduled to go on and the place was packed. Bloodshot came out in his trademark pajamas and went straight into his Tazmanian devil act. The snortin', gruntin', spittin' one-man show wowed the crowd, as he always does.

I've seen Bloodshot Bill many times but it's always been to crowds that already knew and loved him. This time was different as it was very clear that most of the crowd had no idea who this madman was. After a couple of songs he clearly had won them over and a few people in the crowd started dancing. Then he hooked them in with his singalongs.

After Bill cleared the stage, and I grabbed a fresh beer, the room filled in even more. I don't think I've ever seen Santos Party House so packed before. While Bill was on stage there was a 9-foot high totem pole looking object covered in sheets. Prior to the headliners coming on King Khan came on stage and revealed what was under the cloth - a giant disco dick! You heard me right, not a disco ball, a disco dick. It was a glorious sight to behold.

A little bit later BBQ came on stage dressed in his crazed genie outfit. Then they started jamming - BBQ singing the sweet stuff and King Khan growling like rabid wolf. It was at this point that, despite seeing many King Khan shows and one or two Mark Sultan shows, that I realized I never saw the two together before.

As soon as they started all Hell broke loose. People were crowd surfing, there was a mini mosh pit going, girls were dancing on the side of the stage, beer was spraying all over the crowd - it was pure madness. If you hit mute and just looked at the crowd you would have thought it was a punk rock show. In reality it was dirty ass rock n' roll played by two masters of the genre. It was one of the best pure rock n' roll shows I've ever experienced. I'm a huge Bloodshot Bill fan and I always feel bad for whoever has to follow that dude but King Khan & BBQ did quite the job. Hot damn, what a night!

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