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Friday, August 04, 2006

Olga's Picks

I am going to start off with bad news, August is here, which means summer is almost over :(
I am getting really depressed thinking about that, but I am also getting very worried because I honestly don't remember the month of July. Oops! Do you think it's a bad thing? Anyway, let's hope August won't be blur. Got my fingers crossed!

Ok, here is something to do tonight. It's an early show so you can still go out afterwards.

Hot Chip, Oppenheimer
@ South Street Seaport
Pier 17

This event is not to be missed. Hot Chip live and it's free!
Brought to you by the friendly folk at River to River.

Hot Chip at M3, pic courtesy of Mediaeater

Now if you want to party after this, you can check out What's Up NYC for the full listing of events.

Have fun kids,

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