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Friday, August 25, 2006

Ski Club on MTV...Sorta

MTV has launched a VMA microsite to guide weary travelers along the mean streets of NYC. They have enlisted various celebs, bloggers, and other spotlight types to contribute to the blog. What's Up NYC is one of the many contributors and they listed Brooklyn Ski Club in the top 5 NYC blogs.

What a surprise huh? Who would have thought What's Up would name Ski Club as a top 5. It's not like we're run by the same people or anything. No nothing like that at all...

VMA 2006 Guide

Because of this top 5 thing some people are questioning the meaning of BSC.
I subversively love that they linked BrooklynSki Club because I always thought that site was born out of a group of Brooklynites who liked to go out and do drugs together
Oh how I wish this were true - sounds like a lot of fun.

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Social Anniemal said...

LOL. How sad to find out my nefarious assumption of you is not true. Will be sure to correct the record on that. Viva la D.A.R.E.

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