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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Papa Roach Is Hilarious

So today I'm checking out some music site for work and on the front page is a Papa Roach contest. Just the fact that Papa Roach is still around made me laugh a bit but then I noticed the picture next to the contest. At first glance I thought it was related to another topic but then I realized it was Papa Roach. But I had to make sure so I went to their MySpace page and how ever did I laugh.

Here is why that shit was funny - they looked like Avenged Sevenfold. They had the black clothes, the skulls, the jet black hair, and to top it all off - eyeliner! Nu-metal darlings Papa Roach have gone screamo, at least in appearance. You see I still hadn't heard any of the new shit at this point so I still wasn't sure how deep this madness went.

When I listened to the first track on MySpace it sounded like traditional shitty Papa Roach and then it went into some emo shit. Screamo with Nu-metal rapping, not a mash up I was hoping for. I listened to the rest and it sounded ALOT like MCR or A7X. What the fuck boys? Aren't you cats like 35 years old? You look like fucking retards. Not that I necessarily have a problem with that look. I have a problem with a bunch of frat rock morons going from baggy jeans and backwards caps to girl jeans and eyeliner.

Seriously do you think kids are that stupid? You think that you can get away with dressing like you're 15 when you're 35? Ok so maybe you can and maybe you'll sell a shit load of records. But I will always remember you fuckers as 90's nu-metal posers. Even if these days you're 00's screamo posers.

Here are some pictures for your amusement (I wonder if this was their idea or the labels?):

Papa Roach back in the day:
Papa Roach now!


For more fun go to the Papa Roach MySpace for the NEW pics. Be sure to check out the gun picture - soooo scary!

Bonus - Album covers:



Maggie Moon said...

Re: Gun Picture

I think I'm going to hemorrhage internally from laughing so hard.

... said...

Yeah I wanted to use 18V as an example but for work reasons I left them out of this.

iPhonizm said...

Hey! Are you sure ur talkin about PAPA ROACH? Get a life u fucking retard! Seriously i haven't seen an awesome band like papa roach!!! every song is a seperate story. They are one of my favorite band, and they strongly deserve it. Songs like getting away with murder, scars, last resort, reckless, sos, burn, the enemy, and MANY more are just..creative! i listen to rock music since long and know hundreds of bands and yet i still put papa roach on the top of the list. hahahahaha i think i've heard something like "18 visions"...?? LOL! LMAO! ROFL! well,, 18V CAN KISS MY ASS! i almost have all of their shitty albums and i only like three songs!! really? do u compare 18shit to the legend P-ROACH? that was funny.

Avenged Sevenfold is another good band, i like their guitar playing and solos alot.

Finally, as for the lead singer of papa roach, what's wrong with him? didn't like him? then who the fuck told u to hear him talking..he's a nice guy and so funny (i'm not gay, maybe u) and he's on of the most funniest and craziest singers i've seen.
if ur gonna hate just because of their clothes, then ur not but a FUCKING HATERS! that's all.

ciao (don't complain about my english, i'm not an english guy).

... said...

Dude, I totally hate Papa Roach. That's the point of the post, ya dummy. Calling me a hater is not an insult when I genuinely hate this band. They're terrible. They've always been terrible. You still listen to this garbage in 2011? Really? And you're cool with a band jumping on bullshit fashion trends? I mean, you can't even dispute that's what they're doing here. That shit is corny. You have terrible taste in music sir. Which is good because I don't have to take this any further, you're punishing yourself.

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