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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Brooklyn Tornado

Notice how everything outside is thrashed? Well weather experts think a fucking tornado may have tore through Brooklyn this morning. They aren't sure it was a tornado but it sure as shit looks like it out there. To any people out there that think the whole climate crisis/global warming thing is bullshit let me repeat myself. A FUCKING TORNADO HIT BROOKLYN!


Connie said...

Ok we know now it was a tornado. Did you see the pics of the sidewalk? This is fascinating.. I am trying to find pics of the actual tornado. Only one person actually saw "a wall of black wind and heard a funnel sound" I went to Bay Ridge today and saw it for myself.It was unfreakin real.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure dirtbag, so why don't you grow up and clean up your language.
You city people expect everything to be perfect all
the time.
Wake up!

... said...

Children learn profanity from adults. So how does growing up have anything to do with cleaning up language? Shouldn't you say the opposite?

Also, what are you mad about? A tornado hit Brooklyn. It's a fact, so why do I have to "wake up"?

You make no points and seem angry for no good reason. Try and be a little more clear with your meaning in the future... dirtbag.

Anonymous said...

matt- Thanks for your response. I was glad to find your reasoning to be sound, and I have to say that your points were made clearer in the absence of

Beleive me, I'm no saint or preacher, it's just that I
prefer my stories told straight and with real words,
not diluted substitutes.

Take care and watch out for high winds

Your Pal...dirtbag

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